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New in this book are key signatures, expressive passing notes, learning
and writing sharps, flats and naturals. This is reinforced in Chapter 14
of the Note People Story. Syncopation is presented as a physical
movement (stamping and clapping) and with word rhythms leading up
to lively songs. Good bow direction is secured with the "Musical Math"
pages introduced here and continued in Book 4C. The student explores
the fingerboard up to the 4th Position, also learns the advantage of
using 1/2 Position. The concept of left hand "bounce" is introduced
to facilitate shifting and agility. Adding double stops to familiar songs
helps the left hand shape. The octave interval is presented both
in solfège pitch singing and note reading and writing.

This book contains 13 duets, 7 piano accompaniments, and music by
J.S.Bach, Léhar,Beethoven, Joplin, Grieg, Mendelssohn, Mozart,
Telemann, Schumann, Rameau, and assorted reels and fiddle tunes. 

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