SAMPLE PAGES: Green Book 4A: Climbing U the Great Mount Majorp


This is the beginning of a scale game continuing through all 6 Green Books.
In the course of the game, the student will learn the structureof the Major
and Relative minor (melodic & harmonic) scales. Playing in 1st, 2nd and
3rd positions with agility exercises and etudes, the left hand prepares for
actual shifting between positions. Special features of Book 4A are vibrato
duets, tone control exercises, bow strokes (legato, staccato, portato, martelé),
conducting in 5/8 and 3/8 time, continuation of pitch training with singing
and solfège hand signals. The technique of playing 3- and 4- string chords
(both pizzicato and arco) also helps the student hear the underlying harmonies.

This book includes 8 duets, 6 piano accompaniments and music by Clementi,
Gounod, Telemann, Cherubini, Tchaikovsky, Gilbert & Sullivan, Schumann,
Daquin etc. and various fiddle tune jigs and hornpipes.

Order this book online from: SHAR MUSIC

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